Campfire Cascades worth the upgrade?

After using the E-Mu Teaks for a few months, I gotta say I enjoy them more than I thought I would.
However, I’m still looking forward to expand my collection with hopefully the Cascades. I’ve read they have quite a pleasing sound signature, with a nice bass extension, but keeping a nice detail retrieval.
I’d like to ask for some input as to how they compare, or if I should look for something else.
I listen to my Teaks with The Element from JDS Labs, idk if the Cascades would pair well with that. Any help would be appreciated, this is for the long-term, type of saving.

I have been very curious about these for a long time. But they are pricey and rarely show up used.

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At around $600 used I think they are good value. I paired them with the Geshelli stack which is comparable to your Element and it performed well on it. I haven’t heard the Teaks though so I can’t give you a comparison.

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If I could get those for $600, used, in Canada, I would buy those yesterday. :smiley:

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I’ll definitely keep doing some research on them, I like that your stack worked well for them, thank you for the input. If you wouldn’t mind, how would you describe the bass on those babies?

The bass is the star of the show. By far the most prominent part of it’s frequency response. It goes fairly low, has very good impact and it’s fast and tight. The low end is significantly emphasized so every song sounds like it has 30% more bass. It’s a slight U shape so the mids are slightly recessed but it’s done tastefully. Some people would complain that the bass bleeds into the mids because of how accentuated the bass is but I personally didn’t find it unpleasant. The treble is very clean sounding but never sibilant. If you’re a bass head then I haven’t heard a stronger bass on a set of cans yet. I’ve upgraded my source gear since then so I’m curious as to how they would have scaled up with what I have now, cause they sounded very respectable on the Geshelli. Maybe one day.

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So, do you own them? Or did you used to own them?

I sold them a couple months ago. Elex + Cascade money went into the Arya lol

Was it worth it? I LOVE my Elex’s and am very curious about the Cascades. But of course I hear great things about the Arya’s.

What are you using for closed backs now?

Hmm, I think it was worth it cause imo the Arya has better instrument separation and imaging than both of them, it’s less harsh/fatiguing and it’s bass doesn’t slam as hard as the cascade but when properly powered it has good impact if the song calls for it. The sheer size of the bass and rumble adds something that the smaller soundstage of the Cascades doesn’t offer. It’s not necessarily an upgrade in all aspects but more so a different presentation with some similarities.

Not using one right now but I’m waiting for the ZMF november sale for a VC. I’ll probably sell the Arya for it once the time is right.

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Thank you for your input, took the time to read your description of the aryas and those have been my open back end game for a while, I’d love your review of those cans.

As for the Cascades, I’m interested in the sound signature, you seem to know them pretty well, the bass seems quite up my alley when it comes to fun sound…

I think there might be a few options in the future…