Can 4.4mm balanced output from Moondrop Miad 01 drive correctly HD600?

Miad 01 claims to have 132dB Dynamic Range and 117dB SNR. Dual flagship DAC (Cirrus Logic MasterHiFi).

Balanced output voltage reaches up to 4Vrms.

Sennheiser HD600 have 300 Ohms and a sensivity I believe of 105.1 dB/V SPL.

Knowing this, does someone know if the balanced output from the Moondrop Miad 01 would drive them correctly? Thank you!

Watch Andy’s review of the Miad01, it’s really good and I believe he also tests the hd600 with it.

You are fine, you need 1.78vrms for 90db (+20db headroom) volume.