Can anyone compare any of these headphones?

I would like to read your sincere and honest impressions on any comparison that you have been able to make between the Hifiman Sundara vs Beyer Dt1990 pro or the Beyer Dt1990pro vs Edition XS.
Above all, I would like those who have had or have them to comment.

I also add a poll for you to vote on which you think is the best headset in general (resolution, scene, image and construction) among those previous models and I add two more that I consider legendary.
Exclude to vote aspects such as tonality since it is something purely subjective…

Thank you all.

  • BEYERDYNAMIC DT-1990 pro
  • AKG K712 pro
  • HIFIMAN Sundara
  • HIFIMAN Edition Xs

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You’ve really got to buy a pair of headphones already.

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I’ve owned them all and the only one I’d consider well rounded is the Edition XS, but they are also the only one that I’d say really needs an above entry level amp as well.

had them all hated the 660/1990
I would say the XS and 712 are pretty similar function wise (being great all rounders) but the XS just does it better
Sundara lacks bass but otherwise is a great all rounder also behind the XS

The rest of the models are not complete? It perplexes me, especially when it comes to open headphones, which is supposed to be ideal, from a minimum price of 250€ to 600€.

So for you, the Edition Xs is the most complete? I’m afraid to spend that kind of money on a hype product.

I tried the Sundara once and I didn’t find it lacking in seriousness at all. On the contrary, its punchy punch was incredible.
Maybe those who say it doesn’t have bass should put on some bass music :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

if it’s your only headphone you could get used to it but swapping from another headphone to it is like switching from a 4k tv to a 1080p tv lol not bad but not as good

You know which one you’ll like and use the most? The ones that you enjoy the fit of the most.

As long as you don’t get the 660s, you’re good.

I tried a bunch of high end headphones (nearing 2000$ range, like LCD-X’s and HD800s’), and I found the Edition XS to be very much in the realm of comparable. Its insane how good they sound for their price; its what I decided on getting. They do require alot to drive them, so I ended up going with a K9 Pro from FiiO. I dont think you can go wrong with the XS.