Can I make the akg k361 sound somewhat like the k371 with EQ

So I bought the dt770 pro 80ohm version and I found it to be way too bright for my liking. Now I’m contemplating wether I should buy the k361 or k371. I like the comfort of the k361 more and since it’s cheaper it’s more attractive in general. People online told me that the k361 more bright sounding than the k371. Myy question is if I can get the k361 to get more warm and nice sounding with some proper EQ.

I had the 371 for a while and recently picked up the 361. Where I found the 371 a bit too mid-forward, the 361 sounds a little thin in the lower mids and less boomy in the sub-bass. The 361 does respond fairly well to EQ boosting in the mid-bass area, so the sense of thinness can be corrected if you’re willing to EQ. They’re both good, fairly neutral headphones, but I’d say the 371 are just a little more coherent sounding in their natural state.