Can I take any headphones and make them balanced with an adapter like a 2.5mm/3.5mm to balanced XLR?

I got the Monolith THX headphone amp/DAC as a gift and I am loving it.

I own a pair of DT990 Pro 250ohm, shittly modded Fostex T50RP Mrk3, Ikkon IEM and Tin P1 IEMs.

The IEMs I’m not too concerned with since I have a pair of 2.5mm balanced cable to which I can buy a 2.5mm to balanced XLR adapter.

What about the DT900s and the T50s? Can I get a 3.5mm to balanced XLR adapter and plug those into the balanced XLR jack on the Monolith?

You’d be wasting money. If you plug a 3 pole cable into a 4 pole connector, the two grounds connect, just like they would if you were to plug into SE. So, there wouldn’t be any benefit, but there could also be bad things that happen. Someone else knows, I’m sure.

2.5mm balanced to XLR? Yes.

3.5mm to XLR? God No.

from what I’ve heard you can seriously mess up your gear going from non balanced to balanced, those adapters should not even exist… lol

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I know people make adapters that allow you to plug 1/4" into a 4-pin XLR amps, never use them. They can really mess up your amplifier or headphones or both.

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Makes sense for headphones that don’t have the wiring to go to each respective driver.

Thank you!

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