Can I use a 16 core wire without amps?

Currently, I have bought and used the KXXS Moondrop for a few days now. I plan on buying a wire but I have some concerns with power. I don’t have amps or anything, only an iPhoneX or MacBook pro retina 2015. Would there be an issue with me using a 16 core braided wire?

as long as the cable terminates in 3.5mm (unbalanced) which your macbook is accepting or you have the appropriate adapter, volume will be plenty. Wire should make little if any difference I believe.

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I’ma take your word for it man!

Exactly what @sa11297 said…and as long as the OE cable works ok volume wise? then a cable swop won’t make that much difference if any volume wise just look a tad more dope :+1:

This makes me wonder though, what is the benefit/difference in general of a 16 core vs 8 core etc. cable? A bit of the science/physics would be appreciated.

Generally if the the cable material is the same and is of the same grade, then the thicker or the more strands (total) then the resistance will be lower.

Brading generally rejects RF Noise, more wires in the Braid more reduction to a point, but it also impacts the capacitance of the cable in a negative way.
On an IEM cable I really doubt there is a significant difference, it can matter on speaker cables, some of the DIY designs use 96+ strand braids.

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