Can I Use a Pure Preamp as a Headphone Amp?

Specifically my Mark Levinson No. 26 Preamp, which was manufactured in the 90’s.

Here are the specs:

THD: less than 0.005%
IMD: less than 0.005%
RIAA accuracy: <0.2dB. Maximum output: greater than 13V (balanced)
Output Impedance: 10 Ohms
Recommend Load for Tape Outputs: 10,000 Ohms

Will it damage my headphones if i plug them in through the balanced outputs with two individual XLR 3-Pin -> 3.5mm TRS cables?

The headphones that I would like to use with the No.26:

  • Focal Clear
  • Hifiman Ananda
  • Fostex TR-X00 (PH)

A heartful thanks to anyone who knows anything about this and is willing to help.

Not the best idea, the focals might work. The main issue is that those outputs are designed to be connected to a high impedance input, driving headphones is a completely different task. Get a headphone amp.

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