Can phones decode DSD?

I’m looking at a couple of the hi res music options from Octave Records and they’re available as:
Gold SACDs with DSDDirect Mastered CD Layer, if you want to have them physically or as DSD 64 DSDDirect Mastered 192k 24bit / 96k 24bit / 44.1k 24bit if you’re fine with downloading. they cost the same aside from the actual disc having a freight charge.

can my LG Velvet 5G play these?

if the smartphone has a built-in dac that supports the format and can decode it, yes.
If not, you need a Dac / Dac dongel that decodes the format.
Or you need a dac dongel that decodes at least your desired format and probably the app Usb Audio Player to give the command to the dac that you want to have the format.
The higher you go in the format the more it will drain the battery I guess.

you need a 3rd party app or a dongle. android doesnt support dsd native. but there are apps that will do it.

edit: and in my opinion, always get the physical copy when possible. you can rip it as many times as you want, but you cant download something from a site that doesnt exist anymore.

but for those with no space. :frowning: