Can’t decide between 3 headphones

**Budget is $200-$300 (including amp)

As the title says I can’t decide between 3 pairs of headphones. This is my first step into better audio so I’m looking for some decent beginner headphones. From the research I’ve done the 3 options below seem to be best for how I plan to use these (music—rock and metal, and long gaming sessions)

It’s either the CB-1, the M560, or the HE400i.

Now I could be totally wrong, but they seem to have the sound I’m looking for. The only thing I’d like is to be able to “feel” the bass. I don’t want it to be too powerful, but I also don’t want it to be nonexistent either.

Also was wondering what amp you’d suggest I get along with the headphones I buy.

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Can’t recommend the HE-400i for a “feel the bass” experience. Mayybe with full-pleather pads, mayybe, but I can’t confirm because I haven’t tried this yet. (Some also say the bass gets better with a more serious amp like a JDS Atom, but I highly doubt it gets to dynamic-headphones feel-the-bass levels just from that - it’s something that depends too much on the membrane mechanics.)