Can the sound of the in ears vary? I do survey

Can the sound of the in ears vary? I do survey.

A curious thing happened to me that can dismantle the chi-fi theory. (and the world this in general). I don’t know the reason.

The story is simple. A few months ago I acquired the Raptgo Hook, I tested it against the Timeless and I came to the conclusions that:
1-The Hook has more in-depth scene.
2-The Hook has more spacious means.
3-The Hook has more subrgave.
4-The resolution is similar.

Two months later I got a Timeless that was given to me by mistake. I tested them with the same dac/amp and use the same cable on both. The perception was different.
1-The subwoofer is similar.
2-The resolution/texture is somewhat higher in Timeless.
3-The scene seems more massive than the Hook.

What happened?
I have already experienced this with other in ears.

I open possibilities:

  • That new sounds “better” because it is new. The brain deceives.
  • Headphone/in-ear drivers sound different with use.
  • It may be due to an error in the first unit test of the Timeless.
  • This only happens with chi-fi.
  • I don’t know.

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How did you use the same cable since timeless is mmcx?

Yes, the same cable for both headsets in the two tests I did.

How did you manage since the Hook X is 2 pin and the Timeless is MMCX? Did you use an MMCX to 2 pin adapter?

Brain is very good at normalizing experiences. Once our senses normalize to a sound, anything new will trigger a big novelty response. So whether or not it’s perceived as “better” - new things are always more interesting than “normal” things.


Oh my God!! Each one with its cable obviously! I mean use the same cables for both times.

Different sets of the same model can have different tunings may it be intentional (stealth revisions) or not (chifi QC).

You can hear the same set twice in the same day and find it sounds different: your brain plays a big role in sound appreciation.

Different tips, different insertion depths,… Many factors can make the sound different to your ears.