Can we get a "today bought/new toys" section?

can we get a “today bought/new toys” section?

I can be your new toy
Edit: nohomo


thank you - beeing more a dog person :slight_smile:
not homophobic at all

I recently purchased a pair of vintage (mid 90’s I think) Sennhesier HD545s. Pretty sweet.

Burning in a pair of the Toneking BL1 IEMs the moment. Feeling cautiously optimistic about their sound but 300 hours is seeming like a pretty long time right now.

Recently got a ‘Monacar sps-80s’(8 way speaker splitter) and an early or mid 2000 ‘JBL LX2000 sub, along a minor consortium of CDs. Belonged to a husband of a neighbor who had passed. Apparently the man was quite passionate about music and most rooms in the house decked out including the bathroom, pedantically breaded cables neatly tugged behind shelves and under desks.
Don’t really know too much about the sub, 10’ paper, responds okay, doesn’t produce crazy low end as it cut’s off at just below 40hz.
for the splitter, personally I just use it to A-B or switch between speakers depending on music. Think it might be somewhat redundant for multi-room config, considering you could just go through wireless to a receiver. That said, it’s pretty damn well build.