Can you buy third party Sennheiser cables?

Sennheiser has some funky proprietary cable connector, so I wonder if that stops any third party upgrades or if someone worked it out so we have options?

Make your own or…

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There are many many custom and aftermarket senn cables that work just as well or better than stock, pretty common.


does that dude on here make one’s for Senn?

like whom?

Like mostly any that will make headphone cables, too many to list lol. Find your fav custom cable maker, they will most likely have senn cables. On amazon just search like hd650/hd660/hd600/hd58x and you will get the 2 pin senn cables to come up

can’t say I’ve ever seen any cables specified for Senn…is there a name for their connector that I should look for?

Are you looking for a 600 series? Legit just search like hd600 or 650 cable on amazon, ebay, google, etc and you will find them

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likely will be the HD600…but at the moment, the HD599SE.

I prefer the weave sleeved cables. best cable that I have so far is what came with my Blon B8. :smiley:

Ah the 599se uses a locking 2.5 mm connector I think, here is a cheaper replacement

ewww, rubber cable!

Is that not what came with the B8? I can’t recall if it was rubber or braided. Well here’s a braided cable then lol

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holy shit. I went to the .ca listing and the price went up 400%!!!

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Yeah I sometimes order direct from the us Amazon because exchange rate shipping and duty is still cheaper than a predatory 3rd party.
Like the martin Logan’s z unbox vid today is like almost 3000 on canuck amazon

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