Can you find Zeos?

I see you!

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Isn’t he kinda trying to not show his face?
Therefore freezeframing to see his face is a little childish and disrespectful?


Well if someone would be smart enough. You can find his house and ask a cup of tea.
Plus there are many, many many and many face shots.

Still kinda pointless topic but it fit’s in perfectly with the other ones.

Yeah, just through things that have slipped in his videos I know I’m within a 30 minute drive of his new place. I don’t consider myself particularly smart so I’m not sure that’s even a requirement :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve never understood the whole culture of trying to get online-personality’s real name/face/address but hey. maybe I’m just too old? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Childish, sure! Disrespectful? No. If anyone really wants to know what Zeos looks like, it’s not difficult. We all love Zeos. Have a little fun and lighten up.


And if someone really needs to know, they can go find him on their own. While I personally don’t agree with the guy the majority of the time anymore, I still respect his want to not really have his face needlessly shared around the internet. But then again, if you start doing youtube or something trying to hold that privacy isn’t going to last long, and he must be more ok with it now since if he really cared he could have just cut that from his content pretty easily, it’s not like this is the first time that’s happened


You can’t be famous and anonymous at the same time.

And anyway, what is it they say…no publicity is bad publicity.


Can’t believe anyone on here still hasn’t seem The PS Audio RMAF 2019 review …It’s been posted quite a few times :yawning_face::sleeping:

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10 character limit

That’s very nuanced famous though…

Zeos needs a phone upgrade.

He addressed that once, he likes having swappable batteries IIRC.

4, almost 5 years ago he showed himself on another famous channel, Regular Car Reviews, which reviewed his awesome Caprice PPV:

Full body shot at around 2:04