Cannot use Tidal mobile app as remote for Desktop app

So I have both Spotify (for when I am on the move) and Tidal. I do not like the Spotify UI. I don’t think it’s user friendly at all. But it has a great feature: if you have both the pc app and mobile app open at the same, you can use your smartphone as a remote. It’s a “continue listening from the device currently playing”

Tidal on the other hand, is missing this feature. To top it all off if you play something on your other device this happens:

For the love of god, let’s get this fixed. IT SERIOUSLY HAMPERS USABILITY.
We already have to deal with tracks vanishing from playlists when the rights expire (instead of just being grayed out) and the reduced availability of music. Shitty functionality on top annoys me a little too much.

Is there any good workaround for this?

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I can play Tidal on my MacBook Pro and listen to another Tidal artist at the same time on my iPhone…is this what you mean?..if so go to the Tidal settings, then to Offline Devices and add a device?

That’s useful if you want to share your account. But I am not talking about that. I want to be able to use my smartphone or tablet as a remote. Select music on them and have the laptop app play it.

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Ok got it, the only way I can control a separate Tidal device using my iPhone is on our Sonos beam and play 1’s (tv) once we added it as a Sonos source.

I think that is related to specific hardware apps (like Sonos systems), but not in general. I also use fubar and I can work around with a wireless mouse on the TV screen but using the app from a smartphone or tablet it so much better. Anyway it seems this isn’t a concern for many :laughing:

no this works perfectly fine on spotify, but not with Tidal

I also searched for this feature. But it´s not a deal breaker for me.

To solve this problem, maybe the best way is to use a third-party tool to download Tidal as local music files. So that it is available to transfer the tracks to any devices. These days I have tried AudFree Tidal music converter, it works well and download all of my Tial playlists as local files.

Now I am trying to add it to my Google Home so that I can control Tidal music via Alexa.

isn´t Alexa Amazon Assistent? we use google home mini with spotify in the kitchen - would love to use tidal with google home mini, but from what I know it supports only Spotify, youtube music and deezer

Actually I resolved by getting ROON and linking it to Tidal. Considering the cost tho, it’s only worth it if you also have a separate NAS or drive where you store music files.

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