Can't create new topic in headphones forum?

Why can’t I creat a new topic in the the headphones forum? Just wondering as it seems to be the only one?

Have selected a sub category ie open back or closed back etc to start your thread in?

Yup, still no dice.

So just in the hp section? all the others working ok?

Yup. Just the headphones section.

Same here. The New Topic button in the Headphoes section is greyed out. It’s fine everywhere else.

This is because we have reached the pinnacle of headphonery and there is no need to make new ones.



@M0N any ideas on what this issue is?

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I just created a test topic in headphones. Thing I found odd was that I had to make sure that the Title itself was 15 charackters, not just the body. It would not let me create the topic until it was over 15 chars. It kept erroring with the message can’t be less than 15…

Though I realize that if the new topic button is greyed out then none of the above matters. Pretty weired.

Wondering if it has anything to do with whether you have MFA enabled for your account? Still that seems odd if it were as why would it be applied to just the one forum? and why Headphones and not Buy n Sell where I can see it being marginally useful to require MFA, like head-fi does to post an ad.

I guess we’ll have to be more creative with “Fiio FT3” and “DCA E3” then.

That’s always been a thing I’ve like @WaveTheory said add stuff like blah blah ‘audio’ and or … etc to make up the 15.
One thing I need to try is once the thread has been posted go back and edit the title to remove the added characters, might work :man_shrugging:t2:

As for @JAnonymous5150 ‘s problem sounds like you’ve changed one of the settings on your hp page again :man_shrugging:t2:

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