Cant decide between Amp's

Need some advise on what will work best for my small office/listening room. (10FT x 11FT)

I currently have a Jot2 feeding a Crown XLS1002, cables are run to an older Klipsch Sub that has the speaker cable inputs then cables go to RP-600m

I’m thinking on upgrading the AMP, I was thinking picking up a single Schiit Aegir to power the speakers, but I’m not sure if the 20W is going to be enough, so other options I was thinking the Vidar, or maybe even a NAD C368.

would really appreciated any suggestions, or if this has been talked before on the forum (sorry) and the links would be great.


what speakers do you use? your space isn’t very big, 20w may be plenty. also how loud do you typically listen? if you don’t listen at loud to very loud levels, 20w will most certainly be enough almost regardless of speakers.

edit: for example, i use a 50w amp in one of my setups with elac dbr62’s. i do not listen loudly just about ever, but i also don’t go past 10 oclock on the dial(which is less then 20w). and thats for a space much much larger then yours.

I wouldn’t say I listen to music super loud, I will be connecting the amp to Klipsch RP-600m. my only concern was a couple reviewers on YouTube mentioned with a single Aegir you can lose some of the dynamic range due to the lack of power at hand.

You have the speakers and the listening space/volume preference that you’d be able to do it. There should be good synergy there with a warmer sounding amp vs your class D Crown.

The Aegir will limit you somewhat on speakers that you can use in the future.
BUT… you could add another later and go monoblock stereo.
Also, consider keeping the XLS1002 for a subwoofer amp (XLR in and out of the crown) and add on a passive sub of your choice.

I think you’ll have a massive upgrade ultimately here.
Excited for you.

Complete curve ball, found on Facebook marketplace someone local to me is selling an emotiva XPA-2 looks like a gen 2 for half the price of an Aegir. I’m thinking this is a really good deal to pass on it. but the emotiva is an A/B design. still should be a hell of an upgrade from the Crown, right???

Keep the crown for subwoofer duty.
Take the money that you saved for a great passive sub/enclosure.