Can't Decide What to Get

So I posted before and I’ve looked around a bit more and it seems that I can’t decide what to get even more. My budget is ~$300 but I can go higher if it’s worth it and it has to be a 2.0 setup because it’s only for desktop/nearfield use. I’m going to use them for music listening but mostly gaming, so I want really good soundstage and imaging. Also, most of the reviews on these speakers were for music production or as a home theater setup that I won’t be using and don’t want the flattest curve. I want something that’s more on the “Fun” side rather accurate. The ones I’m looking at are the:

  • Kali Lp-6
  • JBL Mk II
  • Hercules Monitor 5
  • Adam T5V
  • RB42 + SMSL SA300

The people I watched the most for different speaker reviews were Zeos and Joe n Tell. Zoes had the JBL Mk II as his favorites for desktop listening while Joe had the Hercules on the top of his leaderboard (Those have very few reviews). Both rated the Lp-6 highly and that’s kinda where I’m leaning (or the T5V) but idk, I’m very new to this. Zeos also recommended the T5Vs as very being very “Fun” and producing more bass than most of the ones listed and good imaging so there’s that as well. Amirm said they produced more bass than even the Lp-6 and recommended it over them. I have the RB42s up there because those were what I was originally considering.

Honestly, at this point, I kinda just want someone to make up my mind for me because if I keep looking I’ll keep looking up an infinite number of speakers like the Sony SSCS5, Fluance Ai61s, Vanatoos, Neumi BS5P, Edifier S2000s, Q Acoustics 3020i, Elac 2.0 b6 (They’re on sale for $100 off) with SA50 and the list goes on. Pioneer SP-BS22-LR Andrew Jones Home Audio Bookshelf Loudspeakers (Set of 2): Home Audio & Theater

You an mod these as well and make them even better. I use for gaming all the time.

I don’t think I’ll go for these because 1) they’re unavailable. The only listing has a 70% positive rating for used and they’re almost $200 without an amp. 2) Some people rate them highly while others no so much. Its also only 4" so idk about the bass. I want good bass so I won’t need a sub.

Do you have a DAC with pre amp function ? Otherwise it would take most of the studio monitors of of the equation
For simply plugging into the PC with an optical cable the edifier line of speakers from rb1700 to 2000 is a save choice that is world wide available
If your more of a tweaker get a class d amp and something like the Sony ssc55 or the Jamo s801

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Vanatoo T0 all the way. To many options to list on them, sound incredible for their size and you can feed it with a separate DAC if you want to experiment with their sound outside of the internal DAC.

I was planning on getting the Schiit Modi for my headphones in September and use them for the speakers but I have to buy the speakers in a week so I’ll have to use them without a DAC for a month. At this point, I’m either going for the T5V because they’re studio monitors with bass (more fun) better than Lp-6s or I’m going with the RB42s. From what I’ve read the Miccas are better than the Sonys and Jamos, especially in the bass. I don’t think I would need a DAC for the Miccas.

I’ve heard good things about them but for the price they seem really small, and idk how good they are with bass since everyone recommends them with a sub.

If you get them close to a wall they do pretty well. They won’t replace a sub and pretty much everything you have listed won’t either.
Also they sound big for their size. They don’t compare to my emotiva B1s bit I can’t use them on a desk. Think the best sounding sound bar you’ve heard then add more bass, volume and clarity. Then add a DAC later and they get even more resolving.