Can't decide which one to upgrade to

Hi everyone

As the title suggests I’m having a hard time which of these three to upgrade to…

I mostly play FPS games and I also do casual music listening (via Tidal mostly). When it comes to games, I play TF2 competitively where audio isn’t as important as in other games such as CS or Valorant (although I do play those a lot too…). I also generally play for very long sessions almost every day so comfort matters a lot.

My current setup consists of an Ifi Zen Dac with an additional power supply and HE-4XX.

The headphones I considered upgrading to are:

Hifiman Sundara

Beyerdynamic 1990 (or 1770 since closed-back might be better because of where I live)

Neumann NDH20 (this was discounted to the point that it’s the same price as the Beyer in my country although I heard a lot of people found it uncomfortable so this looks like a no-no for me)

Which one do you think would fit my use case best?

PS.: I don’t know a lot about audio but is it worth going balanced for me? I do own a custom 3.5mm female to 4.4mm male cable but I always felt like it was not the correct way doing it so I’ve never used it.

Kind regards, tekszi


Hi, i played tf2 for 3k hours, im a nerd as well :smiley: .

If you want something serious for tryhard and are not sensitive to treble, the 1990s would be a good option for sound and comfort. On the other hand Sundara in my opinion are better in terms of sound for music, they are a good all-around but as you already have about 4xx I would probably go to Beyers.

You have a database / opinion here that may help you by @Falenkor.

tf2 is ded btw :slight_smile:


It’s more like it’s a walking corpse at the moment, but I guess that still falls under the dead category lol


Not to be taken like the gospel or anything. I need to sit down and rewrite it. Been super busy of late. May help OP find what hes looking for though.

I’ve been playing the game for almost a decade and quit dozens of times but I always came back to it and it’s quite depressing seeing the game as it is right now

Yeah for sure, also I feel you on the going back part lol, played some recently, and pubs are just ass right now, just been screwing around in mvm and trade/achievement servers, want to leave but find myself coming back for some reason lol

I actually read through this guide before but even then I still can’t decide which one to go with since the 4XXs were not mentioned a lot (as far as I remember at least). My biggest problem is that I can’t tell how much of an upgrade would it be if I invested in any of these headphones and I’m also not sure if I can justify their price if they are just a minor upgrade.

Yeah, pubs suck nowadays but some of the pubs are actually pretty decent and there aren’t any cheaters and bots playing there. You should check them out imo

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