Can't find this without buying from China!

So in my debate as to if I should go for cold brew vs FiiO M5, I’ve considered the availability of the wrist straps for the M5… Sadly it seems my only means of purchasing one in the US is either:

  1. AliExpress (I find shady as fuck at times, and can take MONTHS to arrive)
  2. Random eBay sellers shipping from China (if anything, MORE shady, and God only knows how long it’ll actually take)

Puts a dampener on that idea, as i’ve been genuinely thinking about getting a DAP.
SO, I was wondering, does anyone know where I could aquire either the FiiO version (SK-M5A) or the ddHiFi version (actually a little less preferable, but I’ll take what I can get)?

wait im confused, are you just looking to purchase a Fiio m5?

I am weighing options. Yes, I am considering buying a FiiO M5, but it’s not what I’m fucking trying to find a place to buy. If accessories, like the fucking wrist strap, are not readily available, then I may decide NOT to purchase it. HOWEVER, if I am missing something, and there are places where it can be purchased and I not have to wait exorbitant amounts of time just for it to fucking ship to me, then it may lean me more in favor of that purchase.

ah i see
well i can say one thing: buying from ebay china sellers is not that bad. sure you have to wait, but you’re protected under ebay AND paypal buyer protection. you will not get scammed.

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I often buy from these. I mean, if “100% of 10 000+” are happy with their purchase, it’s way better than the percentages I see on amazon most of the time…