Can't make edits to some old posts?

So I noticed today, I unable to make edits to some of my old posts. Which means I can’t do things like add an update to a review. WTF?

I’m sure I can guess the reason why this behavior was implemented. But having the ability to update a post is useful to have—especially if the alternative is adding a reply 200 posts later.

Yeah, I noticed I am able to edit until 30 days passes, which is kinda irritating because I can’t go back and fix some spelling errors

So it’s a simple time limit? At first I was thinking it might be related to getting replies or something. I can’t think of much benefit of having it like that.

Neither can I, but I can edit posts before it hits 30 days, after that it locks me

IT’S A CONSPIRACY!!! you know…like aliens and anal probes, just not as bad.

Probably because after 30 days some people could troll and change their message to “I like Justin Bieber CDs” and no one would notice, so there would be 200 people responding “yeah me too, can’t wait, every time I order one there it takes two months” etc.

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Fair, but I feel like a decent amount of people wouldn’t do that, and with a topic like this, I would feel that people would want to update months past

LOL we don’t want that. If that is the main concern, one option might be to make full edit rights a limited privilege or something

Just make it so regulars and members can do that, and basic user can’t

Or send notifications when someone edits messages (older than… 15 minutes, let’s say).

Just an idea. :man_shrugging:

Perhaps, that would also be nice as it would let someone know you added or changed something that they might want to know about. I always wonder if people see some of my edits that might end up helping them

No other forum I frequent does this locking.
Locking threads after several months of inactivity, yes (to cut down on spammers).
Disabeling edits after 30 days is a first though.