Can't sign in to forum after Windows reinstall

Keep trying to sign in after putting a clean install of Windows on my laptop, but now I’m getting the error message “You can’t log in as BluJay614 from that IP address.” Has anyone else ever encountered this phenomenon?

What version/build of windows is in and where did you get that copy?

Wait can you not log into the forum or windows?

I downloaded the Windows Media Creation tool from Microsoft and made a bootable USB (purchased from Walmart). I then clean installed Windows 10 Home version 1909.

Ok, sounds good so far, when does the error occur

The Forum
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Ok my bad lol I thought windows was blocking you from signing into windows, lemme pm you


Ok try again see if that works

There it goes

Here we go again. M0N going out of his way to help as usual…no matter if it’s forums or 'phones lol…




Changed the title as I was very confused when I saw it :slight_smile:

Alright, sorry 'bout the confusion.

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what you did for Windows reinstall?

What do you mean?

I want to know how you reinstalled Windows 10,because this happened after reinstalling Windows 10.

I created a install media using a flash drive and Windows media creation tool (downloaded from Microsoft’s website) and used it to create a clean install. After instillation was done, I installed all the important apps I use onto the laptop. Standard stuff.

Is the Win 10 computer working for you? I used the Win 10 installation disk to do a clean Windows installation for my computer 2 months ago,but everything worked for me normally,the Win 10 installation method I did is different from yours,i have no successful experience of using Windows media creation tool.

This should not be a question how to install or even Windows 10 installation issue.
Since you do not use OS for login or HifiGuides browsing.

Plus M0N did something earlier to aid in Forum access.
So it’s more possible some information is stored to HG and old vs. new information does not add up. Security feature etc?

Think i use this forum on 4 different devices and not all Windows related. Zero OS issues.
Even if i would reinstall the OS on one device, i could almost say i would not have issues in login.

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@BluJay614 's ip got added to a blacklist after the system had multiple failed access attempts, I had to manually remove the ip from the blacklist