Can't wrap my brain around how estats work in iems

I’m having trouble understanding how estat drivers can function in iems. “Ear Speakers” need a separate energizer to make them work but iems with etats don’t? Is there some sort of witchcraft going on here that I’m missing?

Their not real estats, their electret drivers. Shure the only company that made a real estat iem. Their could be more though.

I believe Stax have a few models as well.
Haven’t heard good things about them tho. Hyper transparent but with wonky tuning.

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Yeah, Stax have one that requires an energiser:

They do sell a portable energiser to go with it if you want a true electrostatic experience.

As far as I know electrostatic IEMs require an external charge as well as the audio signal to work whereas the electret like the Tape and EST, etc already have a charge and just require the audio signal.