Car audio addition to the forum?

Any thought of bringing in a car audio section to the forum? There is something about a set of focal speakers going through focal amps with a alpine sub and a alpine d-class amp with a solid head unit listening to some Bob Seger that tickles my fancy.


Oh yeah, car audio is great, and personally I don’t see why people tend to pit “audiophile vs car audio” because imo both are awesome and can be enjoyed by either. I will have to think about implementing it

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I have just a tiny bit of experience…

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Right now I have a full JL audio setup in my car with 2x 12w7ae-3, a c7-100ct, c7-350cm, and c7-650cw per door, with recently upgraded 2x VX1000/1i for the subs and 2x VX800/8i. Somehow the stock alternator manages lol (did upgrade cables though), dynamat and all as well

Dynamat makes a big big difference. You would be surprised what you can run through the stock alternator with the correct cables and good amps. Having a good ground is a big deal also. I always threw a capacitor inline with the amps to help with the sudden draws. Once i went away from the crap sonys etc etc i never had a alternator go out.

I had a acura legend with a full JL audio system, coaxial 6.5 and 6x9 with a jl audio 10w6 (best they had at the time… like 06). Man what a good clean system. I had focals in my mini and holy bananas the highs were just Delicious! not much for lows though hence the sub.

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Having a good dsp is also pretty important imo, really helpful and needed to get the sound you are looking for (even with proper treatment)

i have not messed with DSP moduels. Although a bunch of my friends have. I just stuck with good head units like the kenwood excelon or the top tier of the brands. Usually have better DAC’s and higher pre amp out volts. That and CD’s or FLAC from a hard drive.

I have a crappy sony head unit but just bypass it with a nice dac (ifi micro iDAC2)

Lol, are you running two two or three ifi micro iDAC2?

Nah just splitting it off

how are you feeding the ifi micro iDAC2 off of a head unit? is it working through usb? If so, Ive never tried something like that. Or are you going from a DAP or phone through the ifi micro iDAC2 to 3.5mm to the head unit?

DAP > DAC > Head unit

ahh, bypassing the internal DAC of the head unit. I like your style!

I remember on the aftermarket scene it was Morel, Scan Speak, Focal, CDT, Dynaudio were all at the high end… Then the mass market tier was MB Quart, JL, Alpine… Then the value tiers were JBL, Sony, Polk, Rockford, Pioneer, Boston…

RE makes a nice woofer… Then you have to answer the question on dual '12s vs '10s to go sealed, ported, bandpass… To go active or passive. I always found the best bang per $ was a proper installer who could provide correct sound treatments in your doors and trunk. Nothing worse then improper isolation or rattling.

or vibrating, or rubbing… or even worse the excursion of the woofers hitting the screens…yuck

At this point imo JL is now closer to the higher end brands than they used to be, esp with their subs

Well JL always had a value line. Once you went to dual voice coils the price doubles.

Ah yeah, I’m mainly talking about their high end stuff, I think for budget at least door speakers you could do better than jl for the price (but their subs have been pretty solid)

Yeah when I was getting out of Car audio they were coming on the hifi scene with a W7… I ended up getting a pair of these in "12s.

RE audio is pretty solid, very nice