Car audio n00b, advice plz

Hey all!

Seeing as how I’m somewhat set for now in regard to headphones, my attention is now turned to my car. I’ve never replaced any speakers, I’ve always found previous systems to be just OK enough… but now my current Porsche/Bose system leaves me very underwhelmed.

I wonder if it’s possible to keep the screen/system stock, and just upgrade the sound with speakers, or if I need to overhaul everything? Also, not sure what I should expect to pay to have the service done. I am in the Houston area, so if anyone has recommendations, I would also greatly appreciate it :smiley:

You would be able to keep the screen/system stock yes. The unit most likely powers the speakers so a drop in replacement would be possible - I did mine this way, just replaced the door panels and tweeters and running from the head unit.

If you want to do it properly you would want to get an amplifier of course. Should still be able to use screen/head unit. They’d just run the source from there through the amplifier first.

I found crutchfield helpful in seeing what speakers would fit my car so I did it all myself, but then again I did it on a Mazda MX-5 which doesn’t have the fancy electronics :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the reply!! Wow crutch field has a lot of stuff… great recommendation! I still feel like I don’t know what I’d want, or where to start. Gonna need some heavy googling!

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Just a heads up, even if you drop in speakers it most likely will not be a comparable experience compared to headphones. Also, by just doing a drop in replacement, you won’t be taking full advantage of your new speakers as the system is still configured for whatever was stock.

I guess the question is, how deep into the rabbit hole are you willing to go, or how much are you willing to spend? Do it right once and you will save yourself money.

Thanks for the replies gents! @eno_one I agree with that approach completely. However, it’s probably not the right time to make this leap… it’s not like I’m driving anywhere with the current state of the world, so maybe I’ll show some restraint and hold on to my cash for the moment!