Cartridges are they the epitome of audio art

a thing of beauty, like nothing else, a cross between art, electro audio needs and a Swiss watch…wish I had the space an money to have these start my chain but just look :heart:





unless the cartridges performance is superior, I could care less about the looks. you don’t play a record and stare at the ‘artsy’ cartridge. you sit in a chair, relax and close your eyes as the music envelops you.

speakers, yeah, I could see you wanting to have them make a statement…but again, only as long as they perform.

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Source wise you can’t put back what hasn’t been retrieved …again like watches…yeah dig are more accurate, but need batteries/sun light…mechanical, winding and wear…Both have their advantages but one has soul lol.

soul? looks don’t convey soul…sound does, however sound is a sum of all it’s parts. :wink:

Koetsu has always been my fav design wise, highly unattainable for me but for pure aesthetics, Grado’s and Lyra as well but not even in the same league…that Rhodonite is crazy


forgive me for thinking this is silly. it’s like being proud your oil pan is titanium or something, LoL!

No it’s very much not like that Cartridge’s are a critical part of a Vinyl source chain, some would argue the single most critical part. The rule is the closer to the source the more critical it is, because you can’t add back what you lose.
Looks are secondary, but when your spending upwards of 4 figures on it, it’s better if it looks nice.

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mmm…this thread is about how some cartridges are ‘the epitome of audio art’. nothing to do with the importance of a cartridge, which I totally understand and agree with. if you cheap out on the cartridge, it may be why your super system sounds terrible when playing vinyl.

so I guess it’s more like a titanium oil pan that’s been laser engraved with a scrolling design. costs way more, looks good for something that never gets looked at and does nothing for enhancing performance.

The love, skill and care that goes into hand making those cartridges which when paired with a highend arm and turntable is entirely discernible, not too sure about your frying pans?..and you can be damn sure if I owned a Koetsu I’d looking and marvelling at it just as much as I listened to it.