Cat/Dog,pet hair with headphones

Thia is probably the most stupid question ever and the logical answer is no,buuuut someone probably has better knowledge about this topic…I have 3 cats and my hd 660 always full with hair on pads and I clean them but is it possible for the hair to damage the driver?Also askin for my stax l700 mk2 cause the foil is so thin,cant the cat hair pierce it or Im overthinking?

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i think it would take a very specific, and random, chain of events for that to happen. ive had pets my whole life and never had any driver issues from the hair. had a couple cats ruin HP’s from chewing on the cords, but thats a different topic lol.


No I don’t think it’s over thinking, I think it’s cautious. Not so sure about puncture, but hair and other debris can certainly foul a driver resulting in sound quality issues, especially foil types used in the Stax and Planars where many of those designs have open screen covered backs. I’ve seen a number of posts where someone had a buzzing or distortion sound that turned out to be a hair or some other debris on the driver. I know of a few folks who have covers for their headphones for when they are on the stands, others have closed cases or cabinet’s etc. they use to keep their gear in when not in use. I drape a couple lint free cloths over mine when they are on their stands - to help minimize dust and debris settling on them.

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For electrostatics it’s good to keep them covered. Dust or hair can gather on the driver and affect it. For dynamic drivers I don’t think there is much to worry about other than it being dirty.

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Dirty or dust is probably the biggest risk. I don’t know much about Stax, so defer to an expert on those.

I do use a lint brush periodically on the ear pads to get the cat hair off my headphones, and the pads on my HD58x ( same pads as your 660s ) are cat hair magnets. I think my next set will be the Dekoni Elite Fenestrated Sheepskin just to try something else. If that works on those, I will probably swap my Hifiman next time too.