🔷 Cavalli X + SDAC

This is the official thread for the Cavalli X + SDAC. This thread is for discussion and reviews.

  • 2.6wpc
  • Daclifier

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Picked one of these up on Ebay to power my ZMF Ori’s. Will update on the power output being enough for T50s/mods when it arrives

Good to see an all in one product that’s powerful enough… and doesn’t break the bank.

Since they are somewhat close in price range, thoughts on this vs JDS Element?

Well this beauty came in the mail today! Figured I would give my impressions so far and talk about some of the issues. The unit sounds fantastic, I don’t see a reason why this isn’t a place to just stop worrying about amplifiers and DACs. I did not bother with the 1/4" connector and only used balanced. Yes, it does power the T50s, it powers my ZMF Ori’s at around 1 o’clock on low gain. That being said I have not tried high gain as my unit seems to go into protection mode whenever that is turned on. I have emailed massdrop to see if anything can be done as I got this second hand or if I should just return it. Now onto something I really find annoying, the DAC output. Not only is it only outputting via the 3.5mm, it is a line out only. This means if you plug in a 3.5mm to rca cable(I got a monoprice one and it works great) it is full blast all the time. Luckily I turned down my speaker amp otherwise my poor speakers would have cried. I feel for the nearly $400 msrp it should be variable output or have the option to change it from line out to variable. That is a small gripe as I will probably buy a tube pre-amp in the future but still.

This should be all anyone will ever need. Whether I get my unit repaired or returned and buy another I can say this is where I will be stopping my amp/dac search.

Well the amp is going back to the seller. It fixed the high gain issue but developed this horrible static sound in the left channel no matter the input. Took some pics of the inside when I was messing about if that interests anyone http://imgur.com/a/a4W5WYg

I picked up one open box for $200, hopefully it’s not the same unit lol!

Mine was from an eBay seller called Blinq, hopefully your’s works out better than mine. I found a NOS original Cavalli LC V1 on abay for a great price so I picked that up instead of buying the massdrop one. Sounds exactly the same