Cayin C9 - New Portable Headphone Amplifier

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So anyone else get their hands on this amp? I hopefully have one coming depending on availability and just seeing if there are anymore opinions about it.

It’s great for a portable when I had tried one for a bit, didn’t end up grabbing it since I felt I had other portable amps that drove what I wanted to drive portable better (if I didn’t have some of those other portables on hand, I’d be a lot more impressed), but as a whole package it’s a pretty damn compelling portable amp and paired with a quality dap, it was pretty sweet. Headphone wise it handled quite a range pretty well, with iems it was more hit or miss

Personally thought solid state mode was more impressive most of the time (mainly because I thought the drop in technical ability was irritating), a to ab was dependant on pairing but I could go either there, although generally preferred class a if I didn’t need the extra power and bite

Thanks Mon! I’m doing more traveling and missed having a tube amp so hoping this scratches that itch. Also going to pair down my desk setup to one amp and DAC which will most like be my burson and one of my probable DAC/amps. Hopefully this can fill that multiple amp roll as well.

It will work pretty well for that :+1:, what dap would you be pairing it with?

For now I’ll be running it from the output on my micro signature or my gryphon. I have been eyeing a hiby RS6 though so that might be in the cards if hiby does thier holiday sale.

Nice nice, the rs6 has a great dac in it, so that would be a great pairing for the price imo, as long as you didn’t mind something a bit sweeter, smoother, and softer leaning, but I never got to try that exact pairup so I can’t say for sure.

I either used it with a P6 Pro to really lean into it’s spatial recreation, texture, microdynamics, nuance and sweetness, or a LPGT Ti to focus on it’s clarity and bite, tightness, macrodynamics, and more forward focus, and while I would say the P6P ended up having the technical edge, the more clean and direct approach of the Ti sometimes meshed better with specific headphones that already had a warmer lean

I do enjoy that sound signature for sure. I would love to get the p6 or LP but man I’d love to be able to try them before buying.
The thing that would make me jump on it is I heard the LP(I think) is on par with a Holo spring but you can pick it up off the desk lol.

I don’t really know a way to do that without buying, I guess you could grab them from a dealer with a return policy, but then you’re buying new when at this point they have dropped to around little more than half msrp ish used

I would agree lol

Yeah half price is more reasonable for me. Guess I’ll comb classifieds lol.
Right now I’m looking at these setups to play with my Atriums, Liric’s, Aeolus, LCDX and th900s in a kind of transportable setup. Fingers crossed it’s a good match.

The only one I have tried on the C9 out of that bunch was a th900 (haven’t tried an atrium or liric at all lol), but I thought it was good for adding a bit more richness and organicness to the headphone, if you like that out of the signature, you’d likely find the c9 to be pretty enjoyable too. I can’t say too much since mine were lawton modded with a heavy v tune, which isn’t going to be reflective of a regular th900

I do enjoy them out of the signature but man once in awhile there is a zing in the upper mids that I’d like to squash.
Liric’s are nice for what they are but the Atrium is ridiculous. They are so natural sounding to me that I have zero wants to try anything higher end than those.

I actually do think you might find that zing to disappear with something like the cayin, the ifi can get a bit hot in that range and not play nicely with the th900 in that regard


Thanks for the confirmation on that.
Ugh RS6 new or LPGT Ti used :sob: decisions.

wait what, you can find a used Ti for around a similar price? That’s crazy if so. You can find regular LPGT for 1500 used, but Ti tend to still be above 2k more around 2.5-3

No it’s about a grand more. It’s more of a used versus new debate with myself.

I’d say from a sound perspective it’s def worth the extra with high quality cans, although feature wise there’s no streaming or whatnot on there, so if you need streaming it’s not going to be a good option. If you aren’t willing to take the jump, a used lpgt is likely a better value over the ti for how cheap they’ve gotten (if you can find them that is). Also depends on the sound you’re after of course. I’d say from a synergy perspective the lotoo would pair well with your cans as long as you don’t mind a more neutral no nonsense sound overall (still organic, just very even and refined in signature, sounds less colored than most daps imo)

Steaming is a nice feature but I’d probably use my phone for that or use it as a hot spot.
I actually have that sound now with my desktop setup. I suspect that the lotoo would sound more open than my D90 though.
They Atriums and Liric’s actually made me realize how unnatural the D90 is when stepping up into higher end headphones.

It’s solid using as a usb dac, so that’s an option if you want to (whereas some other daps don’t sound as good over usb, such as the p6 pro for example)

I’d say dac wise, it would be a nice solid step up from the d90, although if you wanted to go for a dap with specifically dac performance I’d def point you toward the p6p lol, that would be more steps ahead lol (I think despite the superior dac performance of the p6p, assuming you don’t start talking external amps to put on them, the lpgt ti can keep up because of it’s very strong and refined amp stage)

Yes it can become a serious limitation for sure lol