Cayin N6ii (E02) VS Lotoo PAW 6000

I am looking to compare these two Daps, I would like to know the draw backs, Pros and Cons with it, for now i am mostly going to plug it in with a plug in the wall AMP, so whichever works best would be good, I am strictly listening to music only, but streaming stuff on it would be nice in the N6ii, but i unsure if it’s going to fast enough or if there is going to be connection issues. I heard great things about these two DAPS. So i am basically looking for DAP that gives enough juice to power type of headphones, even the high end headphones that needs a lot of juice to get best out of the headphones. I am saying that because i am looking to upgrade headphones in the future, so i want it to be future proof.

So personally I would pick the n6ii with the e02 for sound quality and features, but I think the paw 6000 is real solid for sound and quality

If you are going this route, I would recommend against a dap and instead go for your phone + a dac/amp combo

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