Cayin n6ii T01: have we jumped to conclusions due to haste?

I realise that quite a number of us have been dismissive of the T01, spec-wise its worse than the A01. However, I demoed the card through a fitear titan (ufit) and really enjoyed the pairing. To me the T01 was brighter, airier, and more “effortless” sounding. Needless to say they are now on my prospective “next dap” list.

I actually like the t01 better too, as I prefer the texas instruments chip over the akm. Although I thought the player itself was a tad bit clunky

definitely clunky, a thiccboi. Right now it’s a toss up between the zx500, m11pro and t01

I would rather take the snappier m11 pro, or the super simple Sony player, but I wonder if you could reflash your own software. Also the a&k kann and kann cube are some pretty nice thicc bois

Personally not a fan of A&K stuff partially because they still stick to the archaic and horrid 2.5mm standard partially due to tuning, outside of this the zx500’s android os has me worried. m11pro’s dac chops has my panties in a twist as well, it’s all up to the final a/b.

Pretty much yeah. I should say that the n6ii is quick, but the fiio is a bit quicker, buttt I think the n6ii would have more long term support. So I actually might go with that thinking about it. Personally I am content with a regular m11 and then just strapping a dac/amp combo on it, but it is bulky