Cca 500$ desktop amp


I am in the proccess of buying new desktop/pc speakers (Q150, R100, LS50 - need a listening session to decide first).
I already own Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital DAC.
What I’m having trouble is finding a matching small desktop amp to tie everything up. As far as I am aware there are Sprout100, 3020 V2 and AI-503.
I am leaning towards Teac, but am slightly worried doe to the lack of reviews. Do you guys have any opinions or alternative recommendations?

I would rather take the sprout over the ai503 imo. The sprout is solid and the sound quality is really nice. See how much a NAD D3045 refurbished can be had for, also a great unit. The teac sounds kind of lifeless for low end imo.

The Sprout is pretty well received.

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It’s just a no nonsense integrated with plenty of features and sound quality

Just popping back to tell you guys how it went. I picked the Kef R100 + Schitt Vidar.

I decided for Vidar because in EU it is barely more expensive than the Sprout.

Huh I wouldn’t have expected that, well that’s a pretty great amp. Hope you like it :+1: