CD Player for the office

I’m looking for some advice on getting a CD player to take into work as that’s our only option for any kind of music. It will just live at my desk so the size isn’t really an issue. I’m trying to keep it cheap so used is definitely a good option. Trying to keep this under $75 or so. I want to just plug my headphones directly into it as well (nothing too crazy). I appreciate the help!

Man, nobody got back to this guy? Wow! :crazy_face: Anyway…

I’m all jazzed because I got a CD player in the system again. I was actually looking for something else today and I stumbled across this old Sony portable CD player.

The minute I saw it I stopped everything else I was doing, grabbed it up and headed over to the system! I remembered this was a nice player that had good anti-jitter and a three-position Bass boost. Thankfully I had a decent 3.5 to dual RCA cable, so I ran it into the SE input of the Singxer SA-1. This way it would preamp the signal out to the DA-9 for speakers, or just flip the switch to HPA and use headphones.

Man, it’s nice having a CD player again. I can’t explain it, but there is just something about listening to the actual CD. And this little player sounds as good as I remembered. I am enjoying it quite a bit. finally, I feel like the system is more complete now. Win-win.

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Happy to keep any momentum going on CD talk…
Awhile back I failed to hook up a BluRay player in my office, wanting to run digital audio out into my DAC.
Evidently this player can not do this despite having the correct physical appendages.
Is there an affordable CD Transport solution for this? Ideally optical output.

I wish to find a CD transport as well that can output to the DAC via Optical or digital, but so far, I have not found anything that is affordable and small enough to fit into my small desktop environment. I found one that was small and really nice but it was like a thousand bucks. That is too much for me. But I am going to keep looking. I’m in no real rush now that I have a CD player up and working. And I have to say this little Sony is doing a great job.

I should add this comment here since this is the appropriate thread for it. I am really enjoying using the CD player. There is something about interacting with the gear in this way, loading up the CD, the whole ritual of it, then hitting play and anticipating being taken away for the next 45 minutes or so. I’m finding the experience most agreeable.

Maybe the Pro-Ject RS2 T?

Not sure how I missed your response. Man, this one looked good right up until I saw the $3,200.00 price tag. Ouch. The search continues! I see some possibilities out there. Frankly this little Sony is doing a nice job and it fits the environment without having to reconfigure the whole desk. So as much as I would like to connect the CD transport to the Bifrost via optical, I’m just going to let sleepin’ dogs lie for now and enjoy what I have.

My bad ass little Sony CD player is still doing great, but a couple things. First, this thing eats batteries! That was going to be a problem, so I rummaged around and found a perfect 5V 2A supply for it! I am isolating it, feeding it power from a different circuit So it’s not on the same circuit as the rest of the gear.

Second, the cable I’m using to get to the amp is pretty much shit! I have a nice Mogami cable coming to replace it. I can hear a difference feeding the player with AC power. Seems like the electronics are operating at better potential. The cable should help a tad as well. So, I guess I am somewhat invested into this badass little player now! :slight_smile:

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Not sure if this will fit your needs, I used it to rip my CD collection. Has USB Out, SD slots, and USB. Worked well for me.

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Yes, I was looking at those as well. It’s a reasonably inexpensive solution, so I may get one anyway at some point. The old laptop had a CD/DVD drive, and it worked great. But when the laptop goes down… Well, you know! This is going to sound weird, but I wanted to keep the laptop out of it. That way the CD player is an independent source.

Ultimately, I would love to get a true CD transport that I can connect to my DAC over the optical interface. But I’m in no hurry. I’m gonna have fun with this one for a while!

Could go old school s/h and get something like a Marantz CD-65se I had one back in the day connected to a dac it’s a pretty sweet player in its own right too :+1:

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Copy that. Thank you for the suggestion. Lots of good options out there if the environment can support the footprint. If/when the next big reconfiguration comes down, the transport will be accounted for in the design.

On this front I made a scarcely researched purchase of an Arcam CD73 for $150. Eventually if I get it up and running I’ll opine if I like it.

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Well, so far of the few reviews I have read they are all favorable. I think you got a good one there!

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