CD900ST Noise/Buzzing

Hi. I recently got a pair of cd900st-s in the mail. When I plugged them into my amp, (Schiit Magni Heresy) sound would only come from the right cup, and some buzzing could be heard from both cups. I turned the plug around and tried pushing it further in even though it was completely plugged in. After doing that enough times and plugging it in and out a few times, that problem was resolved (the sound only coming from one cup was solved immediately). I’m guessing it was poor contact or something? Thing is though, from the moment I first plugged them in and till now, whenever I turn the plug when I for instance unplug them, I hear a mild buzzing noise in the left cup (might be in the right one sometimes, but I don’t remeber). The plug is firmly in place, and it doesn’t cause buzzing when I touch it while it’s plugged in or when the cans are playing during use. None of my other headphones behave like this, so I’m paranoid about whether or not this is a defect and if it can damage the cans. The only thing about the sound I’ve actually noticed is that the right cup sounds slightly louder than the left one on some tracks, but that might just be my ear being more clogged than the other (this difference is something I only hear on these cans though) Would be great if anyone knows if the buzzing is a problem or not. (The only “tampering” I’ve done is change to some Yaxi pads)

Check that the end connector is properly screwed in. Had somethin similar happen to me, the strain relief barrel(?) can be screwed on and off, and the rubber jacket that goes arround the sodder seems to be loose from factory.

Thanks a lot @RourkeGoat. That fixed the noise problem. Now I’ve only got to get over my paranoia about the cans being damaged haha