Center Channel Recommendation in Canuckistan

I have a Sony STR-D590 and and old pair of Logitech Z5500 surround sound speakers and I’m looking for a new center speaker (6-8 Ohms) mainly for movies and podcasts. Sadly I am also in Canuckistan so unless they sell it on Amazon or Best Buy…

What ever I end up with I would probably get the matching bookshelf eventually. Been looking at the Micca RB42-C but not too sure about those (wish they came in different color) also not sure if I want speakers that are “inefficient as fuck”. I see the Fluance Signature and then the matching bookshelf’s or the SX6’s. Or the Paradigm Monitor SE 2000C and the SE Atom’s. Not sure if I even want to consider any of the Klipsch’s as their prices fluctuate so much, also can’t find reviews for their centers although I’m sure they’re a decent speaker. Of course there are also ELAC’s and Sony’s options as well.

Was just going to say F it and get the JBL Studio 520C but of course JBL/Harmon doesn’t ship to Canada. The seller on Amazon wants to charge ($310.00 CAD shipped), Maybe that’s a good price not too sure? At the moment $150 US is like $190 CAD.

Let’s hear it!!!

Are there any places a Canadian can order from the States and have it shipped to Canada? I tried Crutchfields but they don’t ship to Canada and their .ca site carries nothing I want. Contacted a bunch of places looking for Jamo S 803’s (in white). But I doubt that will pan out.

Canuckistan :joy:

Leaning toward neumi CS5 over the RB42C. What ive learned is in a HT you want an easy to drive center or L/R/C for that matter, unless you have the power to drive them. Depending on source material dialog will be compressed, best being bluray.

Go big and efficient as fuck center you can afford. Klipsch 600MC RP450C or center with atleast 6in woofer.

On the budget though neumi CS5 $125.00 canada dollars shipped.

I probably would ask for list of local Dealers (or delivers). Then ask Dealers about the 520C or any other and what price.

There must be a Dealer in Canada that sell’s the groups products.

Getting what you want electronically speaking in this country is a major PITA. That being said what would you do?

Neumi CS5 - $125.00 CAD
Sony CS8 - $130.00 CAD

Jamo S 83 CEN - $160.00 CAD + mystery shipping and import fees

ELAC D2.0 5.2 Center - $260ish CAD
JBL 520C - $310.00 CAD shipped to muh door

Klipsch R52-C - $430.00 CAD
Klipsch 600C - $800.00ish CAD

I’m seriously considering the Jamo S 803’s and the matching center, if only the white didn’t cost like $100 CAD more but I care more about what they sound like. There are also no reviews for any of these center channels besides Z talking about the JBL in a few of his video’s. I could almost just try the Neumi but I wonder what it would sound like with the Jamo’s? Or what would the JBL sound like with the Jamo’s? Does it really make a difference if you mix and match your fronts? I’m sure the Klipsch are awesome but the retail price up here is prohibitive, would have to wait for sale (or open box).

I would expect anything in this list to be better than the Logitech’s I currently have. But there are so many choices I’m fighting the urge to just buy the Sony’s when they come on sale and call it a day (since the cs5’s get such good reviews).

Thanks for the reply I will check it out.

I hear ya, feel bad for fellow audio nuts hit by tariffs. I have the neumis miccas and klipsch.

Zs golden rule, go big on the center save up if you have too. Get the elac center with the 6in woofers. GO BIG you want the center speaker to look like a floorstander laid flat on its side.

best advice would be not to listen to me. Because you will end up spending more and have extra speakers.