Center channel wall placement help

Been in the new house for 9 months and have the appetite to get the home theater setup a little better.

  1. is it possible for me to mount my center channel above my TV? (I mounted the TV to the wall a bit too close to the mantle so no room, plus I don’t really want it any higher.) aaand can I angleiit down a bit?

  2. I’m looking to upgrade my current polk cms center speaker and have a few alerts out for some front ported klipsch and others to go with my klipsch rf25 on the left and right. Any suggestions on an upgrade that I should plop up on that wall (if that’s an option)?

Does your tv absolutely have to put the tv over the fireplace ? The vaulted ceiling is giving me hyper tension.

WAF enforced unfortunately

Then over the tv it goes, on a positive note IMAX enhanced calls for center over the tv. Get a RB81II would awesome for a center.

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wall mount the tv and put the center under it on the mantle?

The TV is wall mounted atm, I did notggive mmyself enoughlroom for that option unless I take it out and move it up.

Shit that’s sounding a lot better than having a huge weight hanging above my TV. II was thinking the mantle wasn’t deep enough for center channels but it’s 8" and that seems pretty standard now that I’m looking at specs including my current one.