change 990 600ohm?

I have a beyerdinamic 990 600ohm, along with a smsl su8, and project polaris amp, the use is exclusive for games, and I was thinking of changing to something that gives more detail, for example when I play at fps. I’m reading good reviews for the HD560 and the tygr 300, HiFiMAN Sundara or maybe look at other models?

I have the DT990 600ohm and have bought/sold all the ones you mention. For more detail, the Amiron Home will be better. For soundstage and imaging you could play for prize money with, the Audio Technica ADH1000x or the Grado 325 will absolutely do it. The 1000x has the soundstage, and 325’s have the more accurate imaging. The DT880 will have less distracting bass response which will be better. Getting the noise floor down is just as important, use a Febsmart 2 port USB PCIe card at the bottom of the case just for the DAC, if your USB ports are noisy or too close to the video card.

Thanks for the recommendation, currently I can get the Amiron and the dt1990 used for similar prices.
But in the forums I don’t read people talking about the amiron in the gaming area.

a perhaps silly question, is the ADH1000x the same as the ATH-AD1000X? It is that I have located a second-hand one at a very good price, but the pads must be replaced

Yes it’s the one. Audio Technica has the 1000x pads for $22 and the part numbers are different for the left and right pads. Aftermarket ones change the sound too much so I’d grab them from AT parts dept. I liked the Amiron Home a lot gaming in Destiny 2, detail and sound stage are really good. A pain to equalize for music though. They aren’t marketed to gamers so most people never tried them. The Amiron is really comfortable, but the ATH1000X is light, comfortable and very easy to drive, and has the best female vocals for singers like Sia and Ellie Goulding.

going to agree here if your wanting to have a more agreeable sound signature over the 990… the 1000x or the R70x as well will fit you fine if you want something from Audio-Technica. 880 as well I will make as a personal suggestion over the 990 since as mentioned the bass response is better and more evened out alongside the rest of the signature… 990s issue in many of fps is that it has recessive mids while being too hot in the treble this alone can cause trouble not to mention its a touch too bassy

However as far as the Amiron goes… I suppose you can go with it, its essentially a home variation to the T1 2nd generation which is what I use I just hated its comfort and it does sound a touch brighter than the T1 to me might be due to design but I had some sibilance issues with it.

Amiron is still fine, I can attest to that I just use its brother the T1 2nd since they are extremely identical with the T1 having better qualities overall as the studio headphone however, T1 is 600 ohms while amiron is 250 ohms… T1 is extremely demanding in comparison… Amiron as I mention previously I had some sibilance issues with it and I am not the only one so its a hit or miss in my opinion… its still a very solid headphone though. As for the 1990 this is a more aggressively in your face analytical headphone in comparison to amiron or T1 which are more relaxed, rounded, and wider sounding… it would really depend on you as a person and what you find more useful in your sound… not everybody performs better with a large soundstage just as an example here. It would be worth trying a more airy type headhpone like the ATH series hes recommending as well as something more intimate such as a Sennheiser and see which you prefer more based on performance and comfort. Keep in mind that Beyerdynamics are heavily dampened, noticeably so to the ear in some cases so with more open headphones you should notice a difference

Rather, opinionated here I would prefer my Focals or Sennheisers if I am going for vocals myself but I won’t disagree that the 1000x sounds good… then again if he wanted to push the imaging to a bit of a ridiculous degree he can look into 2000x as well which is just an upgraded 1000x