Chasing the planar dragon

Looking to get a pair of planars that are musical in nature with good low end. I listen to a great deal of metal / electronic. Budget is around 1k, if they are EXCEPTIONAL I’d go a bit higher. Any help is greatly appreciated.

I think Audeze is going to get a lot of recs here.
Maybe more info on what experiences you’re coming from with likes/dislikes, what you’re powering them with, and especially any planar experiences will help more too.

Bottlehead SEX
Liquid Gold X
Shanglinh E5
Emotiva Basx 100A modded

All of these will either be through a JNOG2 or RME ADI-2 DAC

I have a pair of hifiman HE6SE V2 modified I just want something that is a bit fuller in bass. I also have the Fostex T60RP, which I like as well but feel, “muddy” comparatively to the HE6SE . Also I should mention I do not mind used gear.

You and I have the same planars! My HE6se V2’s sound AWESOME, but I use a lot of bass boost and 3D sound effects on them, through my iFi amp. I also have T60RP’s and turned them into Argons but they are a fair bit sloppier, IMO.
Not sure where you go, barring breaking the bank. I don’t care for Audeze, but maybe Dan Clark Audio?

If you look at Audeze then LCD 2 and LCD 3 play in the midrange area giving the LCD 2 and 3 a very vivid warm sound that I find intoxicating. If you move to the LCD X the sound looses the vivid mids and becomes a neutral player.

Hifiman is going to be lean compared to Audeze with more treble emphasis of air which for me is too much and find I need tube amps to enjoy them.

DCA just lost me with the needed bass for edm but is more balanced sound but still not exciting enough.

If looking at planar with more bass with meat is tough as this typically comes from dynamics like Fostex TH900.

So if you look at being more resolving Hifiman Arya newest version might be up your alley but LCD 2 or LCD 3(used) for magic.

Definitely something DCA. Aeon 2 probably fits best out of their lineup

audeze or aeons sound like what your looking for in this budget? LCD-2 or Aeon 2 / Noire whichever you prefer

Decided to go with the Aeon 2 Noire, I AM PUMPED.