Cheap 7xx worth it?

I’ve got a chance to pick up a set of 7xx for $60. The plastic strap that always breaks is already broken on these which is why they are cheap. Curious to hear them for the wide soundstage and imaging. Are they worth it at that price?

I mean if you are interested in them it’s worth perhaps messing around with them, personally I’m not a fan of them at 200 but at 60 it might be fun to mess around with

That’s kinda what I’m thinking. What should I expect from these? I think you pretty much know what I have heard. I have experience with Nighthawks, DT770 250 ohm, SR60i, KSC75, KPH30i and a couple others. Just curious if these would be different enough to try. Might end up selling them off in a month but it could be something fun to mess with during quarantine.

It will be wider, with a slight bass bump and a slight treble bump, nothing to really write home about compared to other cans, perhaps the width but that depends

I went ahead and picked them up for that price. Wouldn’t have really considered them otherwise. I’m playing around with different headphones to see what kind of sound signatures I like. I’ll consider this research for future purchases since I don’t think I’ve really heard anything open back with wide soundstage. (Unless the Nighthawk or the Grado can be considered wide.)

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