Cheap dac with 2 optical in

Is there any good dac for under 100 euros on somthing like (i think it’s faster than 2 weeks buying from uk)

I need 2 optical in and rca out, that aut can change bit and sampelrate too 24 bit if im playing something in 24 bit from tidal.

My current 5 start from cambridge has coilwhin and when having some degress of hifi ocd i want to change it

I don’t need bass and treble controls and headphone output

I’m not readily aware of a ~100 euro DAC with 2 optical inputs. A better option might be any budget dac with optical in and an optical switch. Here’s a US Amazon link to the type of product to look into. I’m sure Amazon Europe will have similar:

If you go this route just make sure the switch handles the bit rates and sampling rates you care about. Some of these kinds of devices max out at 48KHz.

I do want a dac i can use for my pc and cdplayer 2x optical in

I only have seen when i searched on amazon dac’s with optical and coaxial in NOT 2 optical, some do have 2x coaxial in

Ok. I see what you’re trying to do. Truthfully, a Google search shows that there are precious few options for dual optical input dacs under 100usd/euro. Most direct thing I found was this:

which is out of stock and I cannot vouch for its quality at all. I think your best option is to go with something like an SMSL M100 dac and get one of those external optical switches like I posted above. Second best option would be to get an optical to coaxial converter for one or both sources.

100 dollars, pounds,euros? And inputs at the front :crazy_face:


What about a toslink Switch and a Dac with just one input?

No thanks, so fare im trying to buy a Nad D 1050 for around 120-130 euro

I havn’t bought the nad D1050, now my dac is have problems with the left channel cutting out.

Is there any good dac with usb and optical in for a good price (new)

M0N’s current entry level favorite is the Topping E30, that has USB and optical.

If that’s too expensive, the smsl m100 can be found for pretty cheap and is nice

Can find it in stock from amazon uk and de

Looking on uk and de there really isn’t much in terms of dacs at all, they are all out of stock atm, really strange

I do see a dacmagic100 but that is more expensive than the other options

The cambrigde dac is to expensive and not as good as the one i have where the left channel keep cutting out (Cambridge audio azur DacMagic)

Yeah that’s what I would figure. How does it cut out? Could it be down to cabling or software issues?

No software required new high quality qed cable

Sound is either very low and distorted or no sound, i can’t move the cable to get sound from my left channel, i can’t take it appart since i need a long screwdriver to take it apart and even if i did i wouldn’t know what to do with it.

Im using an inferior hifimeDIY sabre 9018 and inakustic mini jack to rca, okay cable but inferior to my qed performance 40i (it’s in the perfomance class but sounds to me as if it could be in the reference line)

The nad 1050 is sold

Here is my Cambridge audio dac

They do have a topping e30 from shenzhen audio that should ship everywhere I think (also I did see them as a seller in stock on amazon uk)

That is to much (i have bought a new turntable) since there could be an expensive shipping and if they take when it arrives in Denmark i have to pay 25% import tax (outside of europe) and a handling fee

Well, I don’t really know where you might be able to buy stuff, but I would say if you are after a cheap dac something from smsl or topping will most likely be solid and get the job done

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I found it on audiophonics in france

So unfortunately the topping d10 only has an optical out, with no optical in, so that might be a deal breaker, although I do like that dac

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