Cheap HD600 balanced cable i can get in the uk?

Looking for a HD600 2.5mm balanced cable in the uk that has good quality and is preferably cheap.

oidio sound uk - I bought a 2.5mm TRRS cable - quality is good
also other interconnects - all are top

you get all kinds of cheap to more expensive cables at oidio

here is the cheapest balanced - you can decide between different connectors and lengths:

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Yep Oidio for the win JT makes a great cable plus you get free biscuits :+1:

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ordered a few minutes back at JT´s oidio :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

  • the “mongrel” black/gunmetal/petrol braided hf cable with 4PIN XLR for my Elgia
  • female XLR adapter> 3.5 balanced TRRS to use it with my ifi xDSD
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You won’t regret it mate but they do take a while to arrive…usually a couple of weeks :+1:
I’ve got a 3.5mm TRRS cable for my ifi Nano to use with my Phantoms and a 3.5mm se for use with my Little Dot 2 and 660’s feed from the Nano’s line out.

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I know.
The last I ordered took 3 weeks to ship yesterday
A simple 3.5 SE > 2xRCA braided in orange/blue with 50cm length- just nice to have with ifi xDSD as DAC

another 50cm balanced 3.5 > 2xXLR arrived a few weeks ago
also for xDSD as balanced DAC with THX 789 AAA

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