Cheap(ish) speaker amp recommendations

Hey everyone,
I’ve gone through a couple of Topping PA3’s now and it’s definitely time for a change. It seems like the internals in that amp aren’t really suited for UK’s 230V.

I was a fan of the PA3 but I’m looking for something that substitutes a bit of power in place of better internals/build quality. Also looking for something with the same features (RCA Input and banana output).

For context I am powering a pair of ELAC Debut 2.0 B5.2 on my desk.

Thanks in advance!

Hello! Well, I’ have been a big fan of the SMSL DA-8S power amplifier, which I am currently using along with the SU-8 DAC and have been for almost a year now. For $169.00 US it’s a great unit. It should drive those ELACs easily. I’m driving Triangle Borea 02’s and they sound fantastic. There is an upgrade unit now in the DA-9 but to me the DA-8S is definitely worth a look. Good luck in your search.

I’ve been also recently looking for a cheap speaker amp for my Jamo S803s. And the one that I am currently leaning to buy is Smsl SA300. But I would appreciate others feedback if there are any other cheap quality speaker amps that I should look at before buying SA300 one.

Thanks for the response!
The DA-9 actually sounded great for what I was looking for, but living in the UK it seems like I’d be waiting a month for it to arrive from China. In my search I’ve come across the LOXJIE A30 which looks like it fits all my criteria for a decent price, and has really good reviews (as well as being in stock on amazon UK).

Might be what I go for! (Unless there’s something I’m missing)

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