Cheap Koss Battle

KPH30i vs. Porta Pro vs. KSC75
Battle to the Death!
Okay not really. XD

  • KSC75
  • KPH30i
  • Porta Pro
  • KSC35
  • CL-10

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Since there is a lot of talk about which cheap Koss headphones people prefer, why not have a thread for discussion on why we prefer certain ones over others? I just included the 3 stated at the beginning, but if you want to add others into the mix go ahead! I’m curious as to which other cheap Koss stuff is good!

FYI, Koss has a package bundle “Audiophile Starter Bundle” on their website to get all 3 of these for only $70.

EDIT: And as an added bonus, if you sign up for the email list, you can get a 15% discount on your first purchase.
ANOTHER EDIT: Which apparently does not work for this bundle. :weary:
10/16/2019 EDIT: I added a poll for various cheap Koss headphones. Feel free to suggest others that you think should be added!


That seams good deal to try

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Yes, I am thinking I might send the KPH30i I got from Amazon back and then get this bundle instead.
I have only tried the KPH30i. I love them. I would describe them as very warm, and slightly veiled, not in a bad way though. Treble is recessed, mids are forward, and the bass is warm and gooey, like a river of chocolate, if that makes any sense. They do higher bass and midrange overall better than my Nighthawk Carbon. One problem I have with them is that they tend to make irritating vibrating noises on sub-bass heavy tracks when I try to push them a little louder. Maybe the plastic, rubber and foam construction just can’t take it and as a result vibrates. I usually have to use them at low volumes due to this.

I c, i bit the bullet and got it lol. been wanting to try one of the koss budget headphones, so now i get to try all 3 =)

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Awesome! I hope you enjoy them!

I came here for a fight and nobody’s fighting.
Needs more poll.

[poll replaced with new one at the top]

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I didn’t find the kph30i to be warm at all. not like the Porta Pros. I thought of the three the kph30i was the best.

i do not have mine yet, so i can’t vote yet. sorry!

Thanks for adding that poll. Do you think I could edit my original post to include one?

Looks to me like it should work, the option is there in the cog menu just like for a new post.

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There we go, added it. :slightly_smiling_face:

OK, removed mine.

But… CL-10? Do those belong in this battle of champions? :slight_smile: Has anyone ever claimed those were the epitome of price/performance?

Some I have talked to say they are more v shaped than the KPH30i and have better instrument separation for rock music and other stuff. I thought I would include them because some people actually really like them.
I haven’t heard of the KSC35 myself. What are your thoughts on them?

They’re what you get if you move the (S)PortaPro drivers from headband to earclips. Basically they get more in line with the KSC75 response (i.e. less bassy), allowing a more direct comparison, where their high-end deficiencies become apparent vs. the titanium-coated driver of the 75 (there are holes in their high-end where some parts of the music go missing).

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Ah. Cool. I never knew that. :thinking:

Does anybody know of discount coupons or codes for yaxi pads for Koss headphones? It seems a little expensive for 30 dollars for 3 pairs.

I voted for portapros.

KSC75’s clips were just… not for me. I gave these to a friend, and her kittens ate the wire. Shrugs. KPH30i’s are ugly. PortaPros are legendary. Just add something over the hair-grabbing headband, I guess, heh. Oh, and there’s also a bluetooth version.

Here’s the graph for both.

Oh, and just for fun:

For gaming as well, any thoughts for those with experience?

I was about to get the SHP9500 for this purpose then I discovered these.

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@M0N told me that the Koss KSC75 are good for competitive gaming with their great detail and imaging. If you wanted something higher end, but still under 100 dollars, the AD700x is really good. But it also depends on if you are doing competitive gaming or laid back gaming.

If anybody wants to try the CL-10 here. Apparently it is rumored they use the same driver as the Porta Pro.

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