Cheap open back for gaming

I have a pair of dt 177x go, and i love them, but i occasionally need a pair of open back.

looking for a cheap easy to drive headphone, thats great on all the gaming fronts. and has good bass as im a bass nut and usually play open world survival games.

currently just using a topping mx3 combo unit for dac and amp.

im thinking of dt 1990 is what i would like but cost to muck for me. may go just the 990.

would like to try a pair of hifimans, or philips, sennhizer.

what you guys think would be good.

cheap, has bass, great sound, and great for positional awareness


depending on how much you’re open to spending…

Drop HE-4xx and HD58x are both well thought of for use in gaming. You will still need a mic tho.

alternatively, there is the Beyer Tygr 300, which is a retuned DT880 with a mic attached.