Cheap touchscreen PC for my living room listening

I ordered a Pipo X12 mini PC so I could easily listen to amazon streaming and my other content in my living room.
It’s a 10.8 inch touch screen with a Z8350 celleron, 4Gigs of RAM, a 64GB SSD running windows 10 for $200. I’m using the Massdrop CTH, with the Ether CX.
It’s on the slow side, and came with a 12 month old copy of windows 10 that took upwards of 6 hours to patch itself. But once done it’s been pretty much exactly what I wanted.
Works with Amazon Music HD, Plex, foobar and I’d assume others since it’s just a windows machine.

I do wish Amazon would publish an API for HD Music so I could build an interface that was more conducive to being used on a touch screen…


Great solution! Amazon HD is certianly lacking, feature wise. But hopefully that will change with time. HD streaming really has changed the game.

Cool color for the griptilian, btw!

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It does most of what I need.
I’d like exclusive mode, but it’s not a deal breaker for me.
I wish some of it’s behavior weren’t brain dead stupid, because it insists on adding every track following a selection to the play list, it’s painful to create playlists.
But I like the diversity of content, it has about 95% of whatI’d choose to listen to.

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Does it have a USB out? My biggest issue in my living room is that I have 15’ distance from my seating area to the dac and i have not been able to come up with a solution other than BT stream to my Dac from a tablet for my services. I have no music files so it works pretty well, but i always wonder what i’m missing out on

It has 4 USB ports, the amp underneath is a Massdrop CTH+SDAC, I’m running it from one of the USB ports on the back.
It had to be able to drive an external DAC.
Also has WiFi, BT etc.

The CPU is slow, and windows touch interface is far from ideal, but outside of that it’s a nice solution.


Have you considered using Selenium or AutoIT for your own makeshift API?