Cheap tube amp for speakers

Any cheaper, full tube amps out there? Speakers are fairy efficient (Dali Zensor 3). Just interested to try something like that :smiley: Lets say the budget is 200-300 US

Have you considered DarkVoice 336SE? It’s usually on Drop for 200$ (free shipping in the US). You might wanna upgrade the tubes tho, since you’re going into tubes, and it’ll easily be in the budget.

thats a headphone amp, right-? :smiley:

Oh snap. Guess no sleeping tonight tricked me, sorry, I didn’t pay enough attention to the title.

No worries :smiley: Darkvoice would be on my shopinglist anyway if i had some high ohm dynamic cans :smiley: but not atm, only planars in my house atm :smiley:

If you find a good cheap tube amp, let me know — I’d love to find one to go with my Zensor 7s!

Good to find another DALI user too!

Not sure how loud you want to go, but I got the APPJ 6J1 6P1 Mini Vacuum Tube Amplifier off Massdrop, and it sounds really nice. Only 3W per channel, so you’ll need really efficient sepakers to get loud, but does fine for nearfield.

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I have this as well! No complaints for ~$100. Only amp I have compared it to is SMSL AD18. Noticeable difference, very nice.

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Looks like an interesting little thing. Thanks! Have you done any tube rolling as well?

The tube options are pretty limited, as there isn’t much cross-compatability with other tube types. You’re pretty much stuck with what they gave you. They do sound good though.

Just to make sure we’re talking about the same amp, I’m talking about this one.
APPJ mini2013 6J1+6P1 ( Original miniwatt) Mini tube Amplifier black

It’s just outside your budget but i own and enjoy the glow audio amplifiers. They are currently at rock bottom prices. You need some very sensitive speakers to enjoy them though, well past 92db. Check them out,
Good luck in your search.

With shipping it would be 700 bucks :S Looks really cool though and I bet it sounds beautiful as well

Wadda ya think about these kinda Nobsound things?

Zero fidelity just did a YouTube review on an inexpensive tube amp for beginners with a shipped price under $400. Worth a look
I own and use a few Nobsound products. I have had good luck with mine and really enjoy the value/performance ratio. I need to mention tho that I do NOT have a trained ear nor do I do any critical listening. I just listen to music to relax and keep the house filled with sound. I happen to like gear so I don’t mind on having multiple inexpensive pieces around to play and experiment w/regularly.

I am extremely pleased with my Glow audio amp. I do not have personal hands on experience w/ very high end audio products so I have no idea what I am missing out on compared to its multi thousand dollar brethren. Before I purchased my amp I stopped by 2 local hi end audio stores to listen to some really nice used amps and unfortunately I was unable to afford any of their used stuff that I liked. There is much budget stuff to choose from, it really depends on allot of factors as to what you go with. Good luck.