Cheapass HP/IEM for testing purposes?

I liked Zeos’ remark in a recent video, so:
Any suggestions for a cheapass HP/IEM I would not mind if it explodes when I plug it into a new toy?

  • I am in Europe
  • either supports balanced, or can be trivially converted
  • I am waiting for a set of Hart adapter thingamajingies

My go-to cheapass setup is Koss kph30i and Blon BL-03. They are $30 and $40 respectively (in the US, not sure about European availability). Here I often see them on sale for >$10 off. Both punch way above their weight. I use these when there’s a chance of loss or damage, but honestly I don’t mind using them. They have their own sound and it’s an enjoyable change from time to time.

Any cheap Koss would be good, love my porta pros and wouldn’t be too worried should they get damaged. People loved the Sony MH755 (10$ iem), but I’m not sure you can get them new anymore. Those are two good options in my book.

That Blon BL-03 may be the one. I am seeing balanced cables mentioned on another forum, which means I wouldn’t have to faff around with a soldiering iron.

I run my BL-03 balanced. But it’s not required. I do so just because all of my IEM’s are wired balanced and it makes finding the right adapter to different amplifiers much easier. Just a convenience thing for me.

I’ll just need to be sure not to buy a lousy cable that kills stuff :sunglasses:

I use these from Tripowin:

Almost the same price as the IEM itself, but they are very nice feeling and don’t tangle easily.

Just did some clicking on aliexpress and got the bl03 and a yinyoo 16-core cable. Is slightly cheaper. Now I just need to be patient…

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Just got the bl03 from aliexpress. This was pretty quick, and they work too.
Now I just need to wait for my new amp to test the balanced cable I got.
And down the audiophile rabbithole we go…