Cheapest AMP for Focal Clear

What is the cheapest amp I could get for the focal clears without losing much. I heard the RNHP is really good but can you get 90% of that with something cheaper? I already have a iFi Audio Zen DAC but I dont think that will cut it and I dont have a huge budget for a new amp/dac about 300$ CAD max.

I would just suggest saving and keeping your eye out for something used imo, something like the neve or g111. At minimum I might say something like an asgard 3 or lake people g103s, but it really is worthwhile just to save a bit and wait it out. If you don’t feel like you can make that amp investment anytime soon and want something now, I’d just rather grab something like an elex instead which will preform better on lesser source gear (if you don’t have the clear already)

the Clears are such a good headphone that buying the ‘cheapest’ options would be doing both you and them a disservice. however…I could see getting something as a holdover until you can get something that really makes the magic happen. in a case like that, take a look at the used options on CanuckAudioMart and see if there’s anything that tickles your fancy. :slight_smile:

edit - I forgot my manners! welcome to HFG :smiley:

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Okay thanks for the advice and thanks for being so welcoming :smiley: maybe these are out of my price range with the amp included. Maybe I should look into something like the lcd-2c I heard that is really good aswell. Would the iFi Audio Zen DAC be enough to power those?

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here’s a few questions to answer…it will let us help with suggestions.

  1. what kind of music do you like to listen to?
  2. what is your source? PC? Phone? Other?
  3. what’s your total budget for the DAC / amp & headphones?
  4. you mentioned CAD for currency, so where abouts are you? may help us recommend places to demo headphones :slight_smile:

Maybe, but the K5 Pro would better fit the power requirements, the only downside to the K5 pro is there is only a single unbalanced 3.5mm jack.

  1. Pretty much anything except metal
  2. PC
  3. about 1000$
  4. Ontario

To clarify you have the focal clears and have a max of $1000 (CAD??? or US???) to buy a dac/amp, not you have $1000 to buy the headphones and dac/amp, right?

I havent bought them yet was just looking into them. I’d probably just start with $1000ish for the headphones and then go from there.
edit - that is in CAD

see if you can find a pair of Nighthawk Carbon’s on the used market. they are an awesome headphone and I love my pair very very much. then match them with something like an iFi Micro DSD Black Label or Micro DSD Signature or maybe the Chord Mojo.

I love my NHC powered by my Zen DAC, but it is a pretty entry level solution to a mid-range headphone, so stepping up into higher end hardware like the DSD Signature or Mojo would be big.

as for Ontario…are you in / near major city centres or further out in the rurals? you may benefit checking out a few of the headphone shops in ‘Toronto’. I’m in BC and was in Vancouver until I moved super rural 3 years ago. I miss going to the Headphone Bar in Vancouver :frowning:

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