Cheapest decent balanced DAC to feed a Xduoo ta20

As the title states, looking for a cheap decent balanced DAC to feed my TA20, highly prefer to have optical and usb inputs. Was going to go for the ifi Zen but no optical unfortunately. This isnt set in stone, because i have the RME but the balanced outs are being used, so i may go the xlr splitter route, but just want to see what cheap balanced DACs are out there. I can think of a few but im pretty sure im forgetting some.

AFAIK your non-Zen options are SDAC Balanced, Enog 2 Pro (no USB, though), and SU-8. But since you have RME, just go the splitter route.


I would just get a splitter or switcher imo and use the rme if you can

If you can’t, then I would suggest the enog 2 pro or if you want something warmer the ifi Zen dac


Yeah I’m leaning towards the splitter. Just a thought in the back of my mind that it’ll hurt the signal in some way, even though I know itll never be enough to make a sonic difference.

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Properly splitting a balanced signal once really isn’t going to be anything noticable whatsoever

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got a recommendation for quality splitters?

Just look for something with usable connectors.
I have these from Amazon

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