Chifi Budget King's of 2023

I’ve recently bought a few new budget IEM’s that have been released in 2022-2023.
I just recieved the Truthear Hola today and was doing some initial listening and thought I’d do a little Vs battle with some of the other chifi budget range I have, that are I na similar price bracket, namely the Tangzu Wan’er SG and Kiwi Ears Cadenza.
The Hola is a fairly competent competitor in the price range.
And has better accessories than most of it’s budget counterparts.


My opinion is that there isn’t a “best” budget IEM in the sub-$50 price range. You have different flavors and preferences but if someone likes Wan’er over Cadenza, or Hola over Zero, or C2 over Ola, or Quarks DSP over HBB, it’s mostly preferring something particular, not that any one thing is materially better than the other


That was my thought on this too. My favorite budget sets are the Hola and QKZxHBB, but that is just about my preference. I am sure the drivers on Wan’er and Cadenza are just as technically capable.

I think we all have to be impressed at how many good options there are in the $20-$35 range right now.


Yeah I totally agree, we all have a different preference for IEM’s and headphones…
And it’s likely everyone is going to like something different, since it’s all purely subject to personal taste…

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