Chinese Pop Music Anybody?

I think it’s some of the best music out there to be honest.

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never heard any, but if you link some i would love to check it out :smile:

What about this one? it’s pretty catch to me imo. Though the words you hear from a certain chorus might bring up some misunderstanding since the parts means “that” in their language while for some dumb folks, it’s that derogatory term to them aka the N word. Still find it funny when there are some people in this world get offended by this xD

Heard this in a talent show video and then I found I liked the original and kept it in my collection:
Huang Ling - High

And that’s about it for me. I could count the Crouching Tiger main theme, but I haven’t really kept the Chinese version around, so.

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Please let me know some good tracks, i’d really appreciate it, its a hard genre to get into bc language barrier.

meanwhile here’s a really cool track by Leslie Cheung.

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Big fan of wang feng

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An oldie but a goodie from Sam Hui. One of my favourites and love a good game of mahjong.

Lexie Liu sang Seraphine’s part in K/DA - MORE (2:34).